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Season-ender Blowout

CCM Season Ender 2

We’re already well into the second half of the year, but the fun isn’t stopping anytime soon! Century City Mall’s Season-ender Blowout is here with Discounts and Deals Extravaganza sure to chase the grey skies away.

From July 28-30, special promos are up for grabs at Century City Mall. Everything from discounts on purchases to freebies and staycation deals. GCash Bonanza is giving away freebies to loyal GCash users and newbies alike. For GCash users, simply pay using GCash QR (minimum transaction P1000), show the transaction confirmation to the GCash representative at their booth located at Level 1 Main Entrance, and spin the wheel to get the chance to snag a freebie. To those who don’t have GCash yet, don’t worry—just download and register in the GCash app, and you’ll get the chance to spin the wheel upon successful registration.

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