Coffee, Pastries, and a little bit of Chaplin

Chaplin is one of the newest restaurants at the breezy 4th floor of Century City Mall. The place looks very inviting as well as chic and contemporary. And the minute you sit on a chair, you get hit by a feeling of comfort. You wonder if Chaplin was inspired by the comedian Charlie Chaplin, but as soon as you look at all the framed puns about coffee and food around the walls, you’d see the funny connection. “The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap.” “Stay safe, eat cake.”

Chaplin adds to the novelty of the hangout area in Century City, and the food is also something new for the discerning palate. A little bit familiar, yet a little new for your brunch or coffee break – the food is continental with a hint of Middle-Eastern flair that is prepared from scratch in their kitchen. Almost every dish refreshingly comes with salad and the interesting Middle-Eastern menu items are already becoming a hit to their customers. The Shakshouka is something you don’t normally order in your neighborhood coffee shop; it is a dish with poached eggs on a bed of tomato sauce. At Chaplin, you can indulge in this signature dish and scoop in every drop with the freshly baked ciabatta that comes with it. Another one on the hit list is bourekas, a pastry made of a thin flaky dough known as phyllo, reminiscent of an open croissant sandwich filled with tomatoes, eggs and freshly made pesto. Thinking about the crispiness once you bite on it already makes your mouth water. And if you’re into vegetarian dishes, there are a lot of them indicated on the menu. Order and they will serve up delectable healthy dishes without the dreaded animal fat

Here, breakfast is served all day, and you can indulge in contemporary and Middle-Eastern taste or get something familiar to home like a Filipino brekkie of beef tapa and eggs. They have at least five salads on the menu and you can opt for their signature Chaplin salad, Feta Salad (which has been becoming a popular order), Chicken Salad, Greek and Tuna Salad. You also have an option to make your own 10-inch pizza and choose your own toppings. For a unique serving, best to try Chaplin pizza used with their flavorful Shakshouka sauce. Their dessert menu is so comforting you would want to try everything. But before you order all, best to try Crumble Cheesecake first, because this has been selling quickly off the menu.

Chaplin managing director Marx Cyrus Cruz takes pride in the food that they serve from the kitchen as everything is made from scratch and the breads are always guaranteed freshly baked from their ovens. If you don’t want to stay and lounge at the wide hug-me bucket lounge seats, you can surely take home some freshly baked bread and eat it in the comfort of your home.

The restaurant has only been opened for a couple of weeks but the people’s reception of the place has been amazing. They lounge and sit around the whole day, meet up for coffee, work on their laptops while drinking and eating their freshly baked bread, pastries, and desserts – it almost feels like the place is designed for people not to leave. From brunch to lunch, to afternoon snacks, dinner and drinks after work, Chaplin is a perfect place to bring your friends for a swanky dine-out in comforting posh surroundings.

Chaplin is open from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. daily and is located at the breezy Roof Deck of Century City Mall, Makati City. For more information, visit Chaplin Restaurant on Facebook and @chaplin_ph on Instagram.

Source: The Standard | March 27, 2016